This was a dream.

Once we even saw something as big as the palace touch down, to either let somebody on, to let somebody off, whatever it was it took barely a moment.
two boys
there was a lot of people on the mission to start
the two fat women who were there when it was over
dads flat
old house
the statue of liberty and the neverhand
the lego puzzle
the mission to get the man
the falling through the floor, through the fans to the abyss
losing everyone from the boat, but the boat wasn’t the palance, the boat was smaller
everyone was frozen to ice and killed
reminded me of the wizard of oz
it wa beautiful

I was dreaming I was lucid dreaming, walking down the road, in the dream I was walking in reality, but I was asleep too, lucid sleepwalking, I’ve had a few days that’ve felt like that… Walking where I knew I was walking, but seeing it differently, I guess. I walked to the alleyway at the end of the road where we used to live, and I picked up an unused cigarette from the floor and put it in my pocket, to prove it had happened, to remember by. Maybe this would have cropped up as an item later in the dream?

“I wouldn’t like to say” she said, looking around nervously, sharing a glance with the other woman, “it didn’t end well, that’s all I can say” the two women were heavily overweight and the boys weren’t sure if they’d been on the mission or not, they may just have been part of the anti-voucher lobby. “Shall we go to bed now? Long day tomorrow!” the subject was expertly changed.

The house where it all started out, although I came to the dream just before the ship touched down in the store and this was recounted to me later by the old women and remembered by the boys, that house was a temple, the object of worship a printing press. The mission of the group of people in the dream was to get the man who owned the press to stop printing vouchers, the printing machine had been in use for hundreds (ish) of years and now they wanted to put an ordinance on it to stop it making vouchers, strings had been pulled to elevate one of the party to the position high enough to pass it, but this mission had to be carried out before it could be done. It was all a bit steampunk. I think the mission was to find a certain man.

Even in the dream we thought it was a daft mission, but an adventure is an adventure. The man who owned the press just shrugged, he barely ever printed vouchers anyway. The printing press itself looked a bit like a pipe organ, it was in a very narrow room. Maybe this part is because it was situated in the house next door to our old house, and from the front, the only bit I’ve ever seen is the hallway and stairs. It was sort of the shape of stairs, and it was golden and brilliant. (I used to go in there a lot when I was a little kid, it was full of nursing students and they used to all babysit us, but we never went through the front door, always the back, as we shared a garden)

Eventually they did explain, after the ship (It was flying through the endless abyss, but that wasn’t known at the time it was happening) touched down at the shop, a fog set in, everyone got separated, the boys, lost, went to the back of the store and down under the floor, something to do with a spinning power-ball, and falling through the grate and somehow not getting chopped up by the fans. This was kind of how, in a game, sometimes something will kill you and sometimes it won’t, you have to try and see because it’s never consistent between games. hey went under the floor and into the abyss and onto the chocolate coloured cube, but not before the tin-man had told them how to protect themselves from the tiny hatching spiders. (Not that I remember the tin man being there, but that was how the boys told it so I guess there were bits hidden from me, the tin man certainly wasn’t there in the bits I saw) the rest of the group hung around, and when the spiders hatched, none of them knew what to do except scratch. Many hilarious photos of the party scratching themselves in inappropriate places were taken and posted online, who by, I don’t know. Maybe in the same vein as there’s always somebody taping a disaster on their phone.

Eventually, the party ended up on a ship, which later crashed, and they were all frozen to death in the period of a few minutes, I don’t know if that was a result of the crash or if they would have frozen anyway. The ship wasn’t a good place to be anyway, it was just that they had no other options. There was an indication that the party could have been on the Princess, what the boys named the gigantic ship they saw while waiting on the cube, an ironic name really. The Princess, an ugly monster of a boat, being bigger than the Palace. But I only saw it from the boys point of view.

The boys meanwhine were stuck on the gigantic chocolate coloured cube, for any time from days to years, they saw many things in the abyss, there were mountains maybe in the far, far distance, and things both flying and landbound. When I say abyss, I mean it was a gigantic space where gravity didn’t always apply, but I don’t mean it was a black featureless void, the ground was a light brown gravelly rock, there were the were mountains, the sky was a greeny colour, with lighter coloured spots, speckled. Nothing grew there though, so there were more things flying than not, all going somewhere.”Once we even saw something as big as, maybe much bigger than, the palace, touch down. Maybe it was picking somebody up, maybe it was dropping somebody off, it only took the space of a moment anyway.” It looked like one of the dragons from Narutatu, and they weren’t entirely sure it wasn’t just a gigantic monster, and not a ship at all. Or maybe they were the same thing. The palace may have been the ship the party was on, but it may have also been one that was much bigger. It was the biggest thing they’d ever previously seen anyway.

To the right of them, on the ground below, there was lava. In the center of the lava was an island containing the statue of liberty, a little worse for wear but easily recognisable. One of the boys discovered they could jump off the cube and towards the statue and almost make it, and if he hit the lava, he would respawn on top of the cube. Eventually he managed to jump far enough, and his brother followed them. But they were lego people when they landed?

Walking up to to the statue changed things, they climbed the rubble and in to inside, where there was a store. To pass the store, they had to play a game. The women later told them that the game may have won them the neverhand, which, when coupled with the small clock hand they already had and put into the statue, (which also had a resemblance to bigben), would have made the statue give them more time. More time for what, I don’t know. It was never said.

The game was that they had to run the store, it was full of people but the people wound down so quickly, so you had to touch them to get them going again and they all started off still, the two boys were running round the store, tagging everyone, getting them to start up again, but the people were destroying everything, the staff were fairly useless (touch once to wake up, touch twice to get them to man a till, touch twice again to get them to work the shop floor) the people were just ripping shirts and items of clothing off the racks and tossing them everywhere, the aim of the game was to make a profit, but I never saw the number shift away from 40. The store where this took place was very similar to the one that the ship touched down in, and a bit like every clothes shop you were ever dragged into as a kid, lots of angry mothers wanted the best deal and lots of bored children following them meekly.

You could dress the people too, by tagging and item of clothing then tagging them, the kids would just go along with it but the parents would later rip it off them. I didn’t try dressing an adult. :p

Eventually, I was (one of the boys) tagging somebody by a door, when somebody tossed a jug of water through, almost splashing me, the boy got angry at this and charged through the door, which activated what happened with the old women, and soon after that I woke up. The old women were back on “earth” though, back in reality,

All this dreaming took the space of less than two hours. I loved it. I didn’t want to forget. I love my brain sometimes.

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