March 13th, 2011

Dream was based on a book I’d read. :p Paladin had just come through the town, there was talk of recruitment to the army but she passed straight through, she’d been here before but there was nobody she recognised. On the outskirts of town she found where several men had died fighting a demon, the demons were on the ground but the men were laid out on a stone. She touched the bodies and the armour fell off leaving nothing but a helmet. That done, she moved on. It was a lovely series of still images with no text. Looking at the bodies, walking up to, touching, turning, walking away as the armour falls. leaving a couple of stunned people behind.

Also I dropped the book half way through and lost my place so I’m not sure where the demons came from and the page about recruitment got lost.

It then moved onto this, set in the town.

Two men who were once animals, but now they’re sort-of humans. They’re adjusting and it’s widespread enough that the town they’re in is putting up with it. They’re basically living in a hovel.

The pre-cursor conversation to this was something like, “did you hear, the light came through the town earlier” “I did, but she is gone again now”

animal: My friend, we should eat this delicious hot food (He turns around from the stove, a big bowl of stew in his hands)
badger: I know, veggie, I cannot yet get used to this hot food
animal: There is also bread, it is warm like the food (he waves the bread)
badger: I like bread (he looks at the normal little cat who is sleeping in a basket on the table)
badger: the cat also likes the hot food, I see he also now has a bed
animal: yes, I saw it for sale in a shop and I thought I would buy it, people buy beds for their cats.
animal: the version cat is now tries to talk to it, they set up a terrible yowling. (He smiles)

Then I woke up, the last line stuck with me.


November 12th, 2010

Had a dream Onni came back and it was all just a mistake, it was all a bit more complicated than that, but eventually I woke up.

I’d forgotten how much I miss him. ;_;

I have dreams like this every. single. night.

November 6th, 2010

chopping off the head of the fish
the hospital
the bandages
she was Russian
the other girl
the man who knew her name
20 years alone
having to take the bandages off to eat

she went out there with a party of explorers but she got left behind, they went without her and she watched them they away in the helicoper. There was nowhere she could go, she knew that if she left the camp she’d die, so she stayed.

A manhole cover breaks in half in one of the huts, she replaces it with one from outside, and glues the broken one back together with ice, she puts that one outside.

One day she’s looking for fish in the tunnels below the camp, looking for anywhere that’s thawed (There was an interlude about how every single game has a culverts level, here, and two game designers mocking it, don’t ask me, I don’t know) when she finds a girl lying unconcious in one of the tunnels.

I could talk to her.

I could teach her how to survive.

We could sit together and eat and laugh.

I could show her everything I’ve done, I could make her clothes, I could look after her and she could look after me.

We could be friends.

She just sits stunned for a minute, staring at the girl, until a man steps into view.

Her thoughts reverse at once. What was she thinking, she’s not your property and she never was. She’s leaving, stop being so emotional.

The man is surprised to see her. It’s not often you see young women alone in the middle of icy tundras. But he goes with it.

She’s been alone so long she can’t even remember how to speak, she chokes out the odd word and communicates what she can by hand movements, she feels relived he speaks a language she understands though.

He leaves the girl somewhere, she assumes back at their own camp but she’s slightly stunned and heartbroken, and doesn’t think about it. They go back to the surface.

It always made her happy and warm to see the food store at the end of the day, but it also made her feel slightly unnerved, storing the live animals with the dead. She took out a fish and chopped it’s head off to kill it, and then they sat down together on the floor and she cooked it. Food doesn’t really go off in the icy conditions, but sometimes she prefers it fresh.

He asks her a question and she shuffles her feet, uncovering the broken manhole cover. She gestures to it, she’s survived.

Eating, she realised she had to take the bandages off her hands and head. They’d been there so many years now that she didn’t even think about them, but taking them off made her feel self concious. She does it without remarking anyway, and when the meal is done she puts them back. Without them her head is cold and the wrong shape, and her thoghts leak out. Maybe that means she was injured with the original expidition, but it’s too long ago now to remember.

The man says her name and she looks up at him.

Can she even leave, now? She’s become almost part of the ice itself and she’s forgotten how to function in a normal society. Maybe it’d be better if she just stayed alone.


April 28th, 2010

I think I’m allergic to meat.


April 23rd, 2010

I’m giving up chocolate.

For a while.

For good.

From now.

It’s not good for me, I’m not good for it, lets end this.

The Children of Hearts Desire

January 1st, 2010

Chapter one –

Two boys and a girl, they’re young, the oldest is 10-ish. They’ve been left in jungle-type area to fend for themselves. They’re sleeping outside, eating what they can find, they start avoiding contact with people. Maybe because they fear they’ll be taken home, maybe because they fear to be split up.

Chapter two –

The kids find a run down cottage, they can’t get into it. By now the oldest is 12 or 13, they can fend for themselves just fine, and they’ve got some outside shelter. The area they’re in, it doesn’t rain too much. There’s been no contact with people at all for a long time now.

Chapter three –

Another kid has joined the group, a boy of around 5 or so. The children, unable to find a way into the cottage and unwilling to draw attention to themselves have been sheltering beneath it, as it’s slightly raised off the ground and has a hollowed out area underneath.

Chapter 4 –

The oldest is now around 16, and used to taking care of the younger kids, another young child has joined the group and they’re doing as well for themselves as they can, not brilliant, but they don’t know any other way. One of the younger children breaks into the house and goes through the stuff. The house which is now inhabited by an old man.

Chapter 5 –

The child is found in the house, after some debating, authorities are called and the kids are, in their own words, “rescued”, and the dream ends.


There were other bits. One of the kids planted a load of palm leaves by the road, for some reason, partly leading towards their rescue. The group had gotten fairly big near the end, a good five or six kids. The older kids taking care of the younger ones, no fighting within the group, that I noticed.

The ones who were young at the beginning of the dream aged appropriately, but never hoped for, or even wanted to really be rescued. They’d been abandoned too young and simply knew no other way to live.

The dream was clearly split into five chapters. I don’t know why they didn’t find the house to begin with, maybe they were in a different area, maybe they simply weren’t looking. Chapter five was titled “The Rescue” but I don’t know what happened to them afterwards.

Dreams are a lot of fun

December 24th, 2009

I had a shiny dream last night. Really shiny.

Was a kid, walking through a building of corridors, didn’t know hoe I’d got there, as far as I knew, I’d fallen asleep in class. Came to the end of the corridor I was in, there was different corridors, statues and such. The room I came out into was a massive hall, massive ceiling and running through it, like a sewer from a game, was a river of magma, there was a guy standing by it. (Think a little like the bit between the bank and auctionhouse in Ironforge, not that it was based on there I don’t think.)

I attacked and after a scuffle. managed to knock him into the lava and I ran onto the next room, he respawned from the lava behind me, with all fireworks and shit, waving his arms around and shouting and all that, but didn’t attack me again. Before I knocked him into the lava he had two knives and was dressed in brown. I guess this is what I get for watching Heroes and then moving onto Dexter.

In the next room there was a guy dressed like a super hero, blue spandex costume, rather overweight. (I blame the terrible porn chibi was throwing at me just before I went to bed) I fought him too, the guy in the previous room was the leader of the group, but this guy was stronger. He was different through, in that he could only move forward, not backwards. There were rules binding each god, different rules for everyone, his was a movement rule, meaning he could only move forward. I think I won, but barely.

I know I failed later on, but I don’t think it ever went into specifics how. But because I’d beaten the first guy, I’d passed. They were gods, and they were gonna make my character into a god too, if I survived it, most people didn’t beat the first god. The first god was the one training me, because he’d lost first, but spandex-guy helped a little.

I survived the training too, my rules were no communication. I don’t know what the rules binding the first god were, but it was interesting.

I was woken up then pretty much, but it was a really awesome dream, If I could draw, I’d draw comics, but I don’t feel I’m good enough. Maybe I’ll write out all these properly one day and get published and be famous. :p


December 14th, 2009

I had a lucid dream the other night, not much of one, but still. It’s interesting, I’ve had like, three or four now, and they’ve all started off with me in bed.

I remember falling asleep, or I remember thinking I remember falling asleep, my body goes all pins and needles right before I drift off, maybe I feel this every night but only when I have a lucid dream do I remember it? I can always feel back to my body in these dreams too, like you might focus on an arm or a leg to see if it hurts slightly or not when awake, I can feel back to it and, interestingly, feel what position I’m sleeping in. Feeling back to my body, it’s always all pins and needles. I like that though, I’ve never had it wake me up. In lucid dreams the thing that most worries me is always the possibility that I’m not dreaming, and that I’m actually walking around just freaking people out.

But yeah, I remember waking up in bed and going “huh, is this a dream? Sure feels like one.” I checked my hands, and they were normal, then I checked them again, still normal, checked them again cause I was sure, and a finger was missing. It didn’t last long after that though, I got up, (always a weird sensation, like someone in a bad sitcom who’s just been hit by a car and is now watching themselves) walked to the door of my room, tried to see if I could push myself through it (It worked last time…) then, failing that, opened it, stepped out into the hall. I made sure it was still a dream so I didn’t wake up mum, and then realised it was fading.

That bit was interesting, I didn’t wake up, I just realised it was fading into another dream. I don’t think I tried to prolong it or anything, just let it go.


December 12th, 2009

Washed my hair with diluted shampoo this morning (But it didn’t feel diluted, still lathered up the same…) Then got mum to cut it.

It’s well short now. Feels fluffy too.

Gonna dye it tomorrow to hide all the grey. (Which doesn’t show up on crappy webcam photo, yay)

The coming of the storm.

December 10th, 2009

I had a really screwed up dream earlier, probably the closest thing I’ve had to a nightmare in a while.

It was dark, night time or late evening. I Was going home with mum and we were outside the front door. Funnily enough, it wasn’t the front door of any house I’ve ever lived in, maybe what this house looks like in my dream-world? It was a house with houses attached on both sides, and no front garden, the world was really grey and dark, contrasty. Have you ever noticed that things in your dream-world are always very different to what they’re like in real life, but they’re always fairly consistent? At least for me they are anyway. Like in my dreams there’s a river and a train station near my old house, but I’ve not dreamed about here enough to know what it looks like.

Anyway, was outside the front door, and just suddenly I was really, really scared. The whole atmosphere just suddenly went really oppressive. Like, something is coming and it is big and you better damn well panic. Later on in the dream I described it as waiting for the storm, or being in the eye of the storm, the dead calm where in just a moment all can be chaos.

I was basically running around panicking, blocking up all the windows, wondering what was gonna happen, I think I thought I was gonna die. I tried to phone grandma, I was that worried (I’d never phone anyone normally, I’m terrible at it, I even had to ask mum for her number) but she wasn’t answering her phone, I tried to go online to ask if it was just me feeling this but nowhere I went had anyone to ask. (I was trying the neoboards for some reason but could only find a single UK board and it was devoted to battling ;p)

It carried on like that I guess. There was a bit later on where I was in a supermarket, I think I was trying to buy food for somebody, maybe granddad, and mum’s old boyfriend Glenn might have been there too. The oppressive atmosphere was still there. It started to fade towards the end of the dream, but I was still glad to wake up, something I very rarely am.

Normally I’m not scared in dreams, no matter what. I had a dream once where I was being strangled, and even then I was curious to just see where it went, and a bit miffed when I woke up. It was really, really weird.

That’s what I get for trying to give up and sleep 6 hours, I suppose. :p